Past performance excellence

HLA has consistently received marks of performance excellence from government clients in Department of Defense, Department of State, and Department of Commerce. Our company has managed highly successful conferences and events across the United States and in Australia, Malta, Spain, and Guam. We use Green Conferencing techniques that have earned us praise from clients and peers in the field.

HLA currently holds a rating of 95 from Duns and Bradstreet’s Open Ratings system.

Harlan Lee received an Asian Business Leadership Award for community service and business accomplishments in 2007 from the US-Pacific Asian American Chamber and Wells Fargo Bank, and two Fast 50 Business awards in 2010 and 2012 from the same organizations. Harlan Lee received the Protocol Officers Association’s Board of Directors award in 2015 for contributions to the international protocol community.


What our clients say about us


“We would have never had made it through to today and beyond without your help. You were all wonderful and we all gained so much from having spent time with you.

Everyone commented on how smoothly registration ran and how easy it was to get to the seating area. But, more important than anything was that you team was willing to “meet us” where we were emotionally and stress-wise and just jump in and make it happen for us.” – G.R.

“I want you and your staff members who were with us to know that your support in this effort was the best that I have experienced. The competence of the staff, the ready response to all participants, the assistance with whatever issue arose, and the guidance you personally provided were truly outstanding. There isn’t a single thing that I can fault, from the early planning suggestions to the travel arrangements for all to return home, everything was superb. Yours was a most impressive effort.” – F.H.

 “I really appreciated your attentiveness to detail… I hope we have an opportunity to work together again.” – M.M.